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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in YouTube Music videos of your favorite Soap Opera c's LiveJournal:

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
4:12 pm
Christian/Evangeline/Todd (OLTL, ABC)
Triangles, how I love them...
From the creator (tleogal86): "This Mvid is about Evangeline, how much Chris hurt her with basically not trusting her and of course sleeping with Blair hopefully soon figure out that she can move on from Christian....and he wasnt the one for her anyway.

I might be bias because I want tangeline so much...but to clear things up I never really like Chris way before he was even envolved with Evangeline so dont hold it against me if there are any crave fan watching this Mvid.
I Love Evangeline!

3:54 pm
Having a toast! (GH, ABC)
These have to be some of my favorite scenes on GH with all the girls and all the guys @ Jake's drowning there sorrows and having a girls.guys night out. I just had to post it! This was upped by OTHAddictChica.
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
5:56 pm
Zach and Kendall (AMC, ABC)
I think the persaon who posted this on YouTube (amczendall) said it best, "Despite evething that is happening and has already happend between them, Zach and Kendall still love each other. And no matter what Kendall is going through, Zach is always there for her, takeing care/protecting/loveing her. Anything and everthing Zach does is for Kendall." I think this MV makes a good representation of that and this has become one of my favorites. I don't know about you all, but I like Zach with shorter hair...just a thought...:)

5:40 pm
Ethan & Theresa (Passions, NBC)
I always liked the Ethan and Theresa storyline. Maybe I am just a sucker for mismatched, disfunctional couples. Life and love for that matter isn't easy and being together for this couple has been especially hard. This is a well done MV, and is just a good one to watch, even if you have never seen Passions. Who else thinks that SOAPnet will pick this soap up like they do other ones that are given the boot? This was posted on YouTube by p1nkpanth3r.

Current Mood: groggy
5:19 pm
Nick & Phyllis (Y&R, CBS)
I will make it no secret that I didn't like it when Nick and Sharon breaking up ended up getting divorced. I kinda got invested in the whole Nick and Sharon thing since I practically grew up with them being together. After awhile, Nick and Phyllis started growing on me as a couple. What do you all think? This video was posted on YouTube by MissyK99.

Monday, April 16th, 2007
10:33 am
Lily and Holden (Lilden) (ATWT, CBS)
Lily and Holden have always been on ATWT, or at least as far as I can remember. It would be weird not to have them on there. It would be missing something. Lily was well to do and Holden when they first met worked as the stable boy/farm hand. And a love story was created! They always seem to gravitate quickly back to each other, because they are meant for each other. This video was posted on YouTube by dirklover.
10:07 am
Todd and Blair (OLTL, ABC)
Todd and Blair and all their disfuctionality (is that even a word) were the reason I started watching OLTL. My new friend toddandblairfan made this and it is one of my all time favorites of any soap MV I have seen! Enjoy!

9:52 am
Sam and Jason (GH, ABC)
I love this couple...although, they are really not giving them any time together. The scenes that most got me in this video is of the ones where Sam had just lost her baby and Jason was there for her. I hate to say it, but it is almost like the writers want to break Sam and Jason up. With Elizabeth having Jason's baby (and you know it will come out sooner or later) I don't think Sam will like it that much that she was lied to or at least not informed. Posted by pokey880 on YouTube.

Current Mood: Wants Sam and Jason happy
9:27 am
Robin & Stone (circa 1995) (GH, ABC)
I remember seeing this when I was really young and when I didn't really understand what AIDS or HIV was. I believe that GH was the first time that a soap took on having a character with the disease. I am so glad they did! Stone and Robin were one of the soaps most famous star-crossed lovers. I do not remember much about Stone as a character before he knew he was HIV + but I knew that in the short time he was there, he affected almost everyone. He really loved Robin and she really loved him. To this day, the time that she spent with Stone effects her character. Robin is also HIV +, after contracting it from Stone (when he was unaware that he was HIV +). This is a very touching video posted by MissyMels.
Sunday, April 15th, 2007
8:57 pm
In Memory of some of our favorite AMC couples (AMC, ABC)
I started watching AMC about a year before all this footage, and I think this footage is circa 2000 or 2001. I love AMC, but lately I feel when I watch it, I have attention deficit disorder or something because AMC used to have me glued to the screen! These couples where a main reason for that (Ryan & Gillian/Greenlee & Leo/Ryan & Greenlee).
I hear Greenlee is comming back to AMC on April 16th, but it is a new actress so I wonder if I will be as hooked into her character as I was when Rebecca Budig played Greenlee. For those of you who remember Gillian, I so miss her! Warning: This video is a real tear-jeaker! Video was posted on YouTube by BeautifulSoul28.

8:39 pm
Sami and Lucas "Lumi" (DAYS, NBC)
Okay, I have been rooting for this couple, but Sami always seems to do something that ends up breaking them apart :( I guess that they will always have Will (their son) to have that everlasting bond. Does anyone know (who watches DAYS more frequently) what is the deal between Sami and E.J.? I have been outta the loop for a little while....
Anyways, this vid was posted by admiralsab on YouTube.

Current Mood: contemplative
8:24 pm
Robin and Patrick (General Hospital, ABC)
I really love this couple (and hopefully, writers willing, they will get back together again!). This was posted by MissyMels on Youtube, so I take no credit for it. Enjoy!

Current Mood: content
8:18 pm
First post in a new community!
This community is all about Soap Opera Couples (on NBC,CBC, ABC and Telemuendo) and music videos of them made by users on YouTube. Members are welcome to share something that they have made or found on YouTube. The only thing that I ask is a mutual respect for everyone and their favorite soaps (because we all have our favorite show and couples). I hope you enjoy the postings and visit often!
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